Book Review

Run For Your Life – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge



I finished this murder mystery today.  It was a good listen ( but I thought the end was a little predictable.  I was hoping for a little better but wouldn’t tell you not to take a look.  The plot moves along well and the characters are compelling.  However, on top of an ending that tries to be different and fails there’s only ONE running scene (a workout jog with the hero detective) in the whole novel – there’s not even a great chase at the end.  Marathon Man was better suited for this title.  On a 1-10 scale this is probably a 5 or 6.  I’m starting Revolutionary Road tomorrow.  I hear the book is better than the movie (of course) but I haven’t done either.

Day 14


We made 3 miles today.  Per the training schedule from Runners World this week is supposed to be a reduced miles week.  We’ll complete 12 miles by tomorrow morning.  I felt pretty good today – just tired.  I think it might be the 14 hour prep days on the Target project I’m currently producing.  We tech scout today for a shoot starting on Tuesday and ending on Thursday.

Cait is volunteering to video me and the dogs tomorrow morning on our run.  I’m looking forward to that but what I’m even more excited about is the fact that I’ve finally finished Stephen King’s “The Talisman.”  Oh what an awfully long book.

Recommended for those with lots of patience!

When I started running again back in October, I thought books on tape were a good idea.  If they’re good they can really transport me away from the aches and pains out on the trail.  Water For Elephants, Book of Lies etc. have been great distractions.  I’m usually a pretty big King fan but the Talisman went on and on, and on, and on.  I found myself yelling at him as I’d pass the mile markers on my runs – JUST GET ON WITH IT!  Brody and Elaine would turn and look at me like, “What??”  I probably startled a few people making coffee in their kitchens too.  Anyway, really happy to say that I plodded through it and it is over!  I’ll start James Patterson’s “Run For Your Life” tomorrow.  It’s a nice short – 6.5 hours as opposed to the marathon length King thing that ran 28 hours… Ugh!