trunkDetective Harry Bosch has been running around Los Angeles for a little over 15 years now.  Connelly’s ode to Sam Spade is a hard nosed smart detective who’s usually on the outs with the department but somehow gets his man.  In Trunk Music, Harry finds himself mixed up in a mob hit on a movie producer.  Recently back on the beat after a brief suspension, Harry jumps into the investigation with a gusto he hasn’t had for a while.  Soon he uncovers a money laundering scheme that leads him to Las Vegas where he instantly becomes the ire of many.  The story takes many twists and turns and just when you think you have it figured out Connelly has Harry running down another road.

I like crime novels, especially well written ones.  At times Trunk Music becomes a little over dramatic but I found the tone perfect and who doesn’t like a little noir for their morning jog.   On Sunday morning, as I rounded the corner completing mile 5 with two more to go, Harry was rescuing a former lover from the mob safe house.  She was cuffed to a chair and being guarded by two large Samoens called Tom and Jerry.  The dialogue kept me laughing the rest of the way home.   I won’t tell you what happens but like I said, Harry always gets his man.  The end has a surprise twist that should keep him coming back for another 15 years.

This won’t be for everyone but I found it to be a lot of fun.