9780786712762I read this book on the flights to Iowa and China.  It’s very dark material but somehow compelling.  Wagman brings us into the worlds of four people who all happen to be at turning points in their lives.  They all meet one afternoon in a traffic accident and are brought together again several days later by a twist of fate.  I’d recommend this.

Here’s a review from Amazon:

Wagman’s newest book follows the lives of four total strangers whose paths have crossed after a three-car accident on an L.A. freeway. Dorothy, a hapless twentysomething, is about to marry a man she doesn’t love; Madelyn is a depressed, unhappily married mother of two who has fallen in love with a client at the suicide hot line where she volunteers; Leo, who survived a nasty childhood with an abusive father, lives in his car; and Ray is a Beverly Hills cop obsessed with suicide whose wife has recently left him. The characters all have a slightly morbid quality, not a lighthearted one in the bunch. However, despite the relentlessly dark subject matter, Wagman’s writing has a hypnotic, rhythmic quality that keeps the reader interested till the end.